Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

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Majestic Courier Inc understands the importance of protecting the privacy of users of the Majestic Courier website The information collected on the Majestic Courier website is used to market and improve the services of Majestic CourierR and its subsidiaries’, to improve the content and services on the Majestic Courier web site and make it easier to use and more appropriate to individual users and to contact its users with updates to the web site or for other marketing purposes. Majestic Courier may use this information, with the users’ permission, for the above purposes.

Majestic Courier never shares any information obtained on or from the Majestic Courier website with any other organization, and will not do so in future, unless required by law. Majestic Courier will not sell information obtained through the Majestic Courier website to any party or parties.

Certain areas of the@ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["WebsiteSmallName"] website, including but not limited to the sections on ‘Tracking’, ‘Service Guide’, ‘Franchisee’, ‘Corporate Integrations/Business Solutions’, andCareers/Jobs require registration or a password for access. Information obtained from registered users of these areas may also be used for Majestic Courier ’s marketing purposes, and cookies may be used in those and other areas, as is described in this privacy policy. Information obtained in these areas may also be used in accordance with agreements governing access to and use of the specific areas, including, but not necessarily limited to the ‘Tracking’ section on the Majestic Courier website. In addition, visitors to the Majestic Courier website may choose to register for a Majestic Courier website username and password to simplify access to some interactive features on the Majestic Courier website. Log file data and other information gathered from registered users of the Majestic Courier website are used to improve the customer experience of the users of the Majestic Courier website.

The Majestic Courier website login currently provides users with access to Tracking, Location Finder, Price and Time Finder, Create Shipment and Request Pickup. All these features are part and parcel of the couriers like FedEx, DHL, UPS and USPS. In the future, Majestic Courier may add other features to those accessed through the Majestic Courier website Login, if any other couriers and their website contents can be used with the written contractual agreement from the carrier provider.

Please also see the Majestic Courier ‘Conditions of couriers’ for terms of courier, limitations of liability, and disclaimers of warranty and general terms applicable to all delivery services and various information used and provided with the services of@ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["WebsiteSmallName"].

Certain shipment data will be provided to the authorities of the country of transit or destination for customs and tax clearance or for security screening, as required by the laws of such country. The information provided would usually include: shipper name and address, receiver name and address, description of the goods, number of pieces, weight and value of shipment.

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